Representing the Lusitano Breed in Finland

It was a great honor to be invited to represent the Lusitano Breed at Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show by the Finnish Lusitano Association (FIAL). FIAL was founded in 2003 with the purpose of promoting the Lusitano and support Finnish Lusitano breeder...

The important topline

The topline of the horse can be pictured as stretching from the poll all the way to the tail consisting of the spine as well as the muscles of the neck, back and rump – the body of the horse is all connected, one unit. To have a well built and supple top...

Rein-back for collection

Collection is not something that we strive for only in dressage – that a horse carries more weight on the haunches is in several ways important for all equestrian disciplines. Most importantly, the horse is built in way so that he naturally carries more...

The useful Shoulder-in

Some days ago a text with me speaking about the shoulder-in was published on Lusitano Portal and as the shoulder-in is one of the most fundamental and useful lateral movements I thought it would be good to share it here too. The uses of shoulder-in are almost...

Busy times at Morgado Lusitano

Hi! Hope you all are well! This is the first update of many to come so don’t forget to check back in here once in a while for regular news and training tips, and of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. With temperatures steadily rising...

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art

For nineteen years, Rodrigo Matos was a Principle Rider with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and, during much of that time, he was a Senior Level Instructor at Morgado Lusitano.  Rodrigo now travels throughout the year, giving clinics around the world, teaching horses of all breeds and riders of all levels, to work together in harmony.


Rodrigo began riding at an early age and his skills quickly became apparent to those who watched him communicate with horses. His training began at the Morgado Lusitano facility in Lisbon where he was schooled under the well known, Senhor Nuno Palma.

When Rodrigo was 17 years old, a position at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art became available and Rodrigo was selected to fill the position. His talents matured under the watchful eye of modern day masters and, after a few years, he became a Principle Rider at the School. With this esteemed position, Rodrigo became a Senior Level Instructor at Morgado Lusitano.

During his time at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Rodrigo gained a wealth of experience training horses. He performed the most demanding high school airs, including capriole, levade and courbette. During the shows, Rodrigo also worked with the other riders as a part of a ten rider quadrille.  In 2007, Rodrigo had the honor to perform with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Paris for the first joint presentation of the four European Schools of Classical Dressage.

Today, Rodrigo is one of the most sought after clinicians throughout the world, travelling many months per year. Alongside his travels Rodrigo also works as a Senior Level Instructor at Morgado Lusitano in Portugal, to which international guests are welcomed to learn the art of classical dressage riding schoolmaster Lusitanos.


CaprioleRodrigo Matos’ philosophy is that all communication with horses is built upon passion, love and respect. He strives for lightness in riding and, through his thoughtful instruction, tries to build harmony between horse and rider.

To see a horse and his rider in harmony is something very special.

Rodrigo does not want to rush the education of a horse, feeling that it is important to give the horse time to evolve at a comfortable pace.

Having respect and love for horses means you need to allow time for the horse to evolve at his own pace in order that he can work with harmony, balance, lightness and impulsion. It is important to give horses the time for their minds to mature with confidence and their bodies to develop the strength and muscles. Don’t be tempted to train too fast, always respect the horse.

Rodigo Matos giving a lesson

Rodrigo respects and has an open mind toward the ideas of others because he feels that there are many different levels of horsemanship. He encourages his students to question him about his teaching methods because each horse is different and there are many ways to achieve the desired results.

When you are ready and considering a move to a more advanced movement, we can work on that with different approaches. As each horse is different and some techniques work better than others, let us discover together which approach is best.

Rodrigo is genuinely interested in helping his students learn. He is a somewhat quiet man who is most comfortable around horses.   In his lessons, he demonstrates his complete focus on the horse and rider and the words he speaks for their instruction are always clear and meaningful.


Clinics around the wolrdRodrigo travels abroad many months per year to share his knowledge and to teach horses and riders to work in harmony. He has very broad experience teaching both horses and riders from the basic level up to Grand Prix.  Riders of all levels are welcome to train with Rodrigo!

I ask riders of the educational clinics that I host worldwide to bring whatever problem they may be having with their horse to the clinic and we can work together, the three of us, to bring the horse and rider into a more harmonious relationship.”

If you are interested in participating in, or organizing a clinic, please contact Rodrigo.



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