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Representing the Lusitano Breed in Finland

It was a great honor to be invited to represent the Lusitano Breed at Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show by the Finnish Lusitano Association (FIAL). FIAL was founded in 2003 with the purpose of promoting the Lusitano and support Finnish Lusitano breeders and has been recognized by the central Lusitano association – APSL – since […]

The important topline

The topline of the horse can be pictured as stretching from the poll all the way to the tail consisting of the spine as well as the muscles of the neck, back and rump – the body of the horse is all connected, one unit. To have a well built and supple topline is crucial […]

Rein-back for collection

Collection is not something that we strive for only in dressage – that a horse carries more weight on the haunches is in several ways important for all equestrian disciplines. Most importantly, the horse is built in way so that he naturally carries more weight on his front legs and when we ride him we […]

The useful Shoulder-in

Some days ago a text with me speaking about the shoulder-in was published on Lusitano Portal and as the shoulder-in is one of the most fundamental and useful lateral movements I thought it would be good to share it here too. The uses of shoulder-in are almost endless, first of all its basic purpose is to […]

Busy times at Morgado Lusitano

Hi! Hope you all are well! This is the first update of many to come so don’t forget to check back in here once in a while for regular news and training tips, and of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. With temperatures steadily rising towards summer here in Portugal […]

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